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R.I.P. The Rotten Tomatoes Show

A few weeks ago, Current’s “The Rotten Tomatoes Show” declared themselves the last movie review TV show on air, after At The Movies went off the air. This week, as Ebert plans to launch another TV series, The Rotten Tomatoes Show gave it’s last review (Easy A), it’s last feature (The top 5 sluts in movie history, where James Bond won out) and promptly went off the air without any reason whatsoever. What is the reason? I surely don’t know. The show doesn’t get good numbers, but it’s on Current TV. Try to find anyone that’s ever HEARD of Current TV, and you’ll be searching for a long while. The show didn’t really cost much, so was it audience backlash?

You see, at the beginning of May, what used to be a primarily user-based experience, with the two hosts giving their reviews of films while user-submitted reviews filled in the rest of the points, turned into very littler user-participation, and then zero user-participation. As you can understand, the core people who took part in this every week, and thus got $100 off of it, weren’t happy, and moved on. Some of these old users I’ve seen on Screened by the way. So, professional critics took the place of the user, and people were angry.

Then, the jokes became unfunny. After all, you can only find so many cliched lines, so many top 5’s, so many musical numbers, so many stuff to make humor out of. Then, the actual criticism got iffy. Call me crazy, but sometimes the critiques made good counter-arguments to the rest of the critics, sometimes they seemed contrarian, and sometimes they just seemed illogical. Of course, I was fine with all of this until they took away full-episodes from their podcast feed. Now, we only got clips. Instead of a convenient, easy-to-access place to watch the show, I had to actively search it out on Current’s bad video player.

So, even though they waned in their last months, they still had a good thing going, and they were still entertaining enough at it (In their heyday, they were truly a great movie-based review and humor show). So, let us mourn a time, until the Ebert shows gets up and running, where there are no more movie review shows anywhere on our TV screens. Unless the Reels channel is doing something I don’t know about. Instead, the talents of the RT show will get pushed into Infomania, which is already crowded as is. Maybe they’ll turn into an hour show? Anyways, RIP The Rotten Tomatoes Show, you are gone, but you are not forgotten.

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