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The Fox News Party

You have to admit, even if you’re a fan of Fox News, they keep digging a biased hole it seems increasingly hard to get of, even though they keep saying they’re actually on a mountain of balanced truth. First they got rid of Colmes, of Hannity & Colmes, leaving all Democrats out of prime-time with the exception of Shepherd Smith, and he’s a hard-news reporter. Then they brought on Glenn Beck, who even his biggest fans will say is not a huge fan of the Democrats. So, where’s the Democratic viewpoints? Oh, they’re responding to the Republican hosts as commentators.

But even these Democratic commentators are maginalized by either another Republican commentator also going against him, or they’re margininalized by their own inabilities to give a good argument that will filter through the particular charms of the host. But what does it even matter when you’re following interviews and views by the GOP’s current A-list superstars.

But as Politico recently pointed out to me, this is going to pose a problem in the 2012 election as all but maybe one of the GOP’s top canidates to run against Obama are paid by the network. That’s right. PAID. Talk about the ultimate lobbyists. These are people bred and paid by a news network to spout opininions, which they will then take to a run at the White House. Granted, Fox News will sever their exclusive contracts with these people as soon as they announce a run, but the ties have already been bounded.

MSNBC & NBC has nothing on this kind of power, as loud and low-rated they may be.


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