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Tater Tot Orgies: Do You Want This Guy Representing You?

What’s the best way to combat crazy people? Humor. That’s why I love Bryan Safi. A gay comedian himself, Safi takes to his segment “That’s Gay,” on Current TV’s Infomania, to rail against anti-gay groups and people all across the nation, but everytime it’s done in a humorous manner that only turns the offender’s own words back on them. The result? An often funny, sarcastic, but underlying sad that this stuff fester’s in the 21st century. Come on people, I thought America was done hating on minorities?

This time it’s Andrew Shirvel, the Assistant D.A. for Michigan going after the Student Body President of the University of Michigan for… Well, it doesn’t really make sense why. Shirvel tries to throw some “logical” reason for going after the poor kid, but he eventually just reverts back to calling the kid a Nazi. Way to go Michigan. I don’t know who picks the Assistant D.A., whether he’s voted in or appointed, but whoever put him in office, needs to never put anybody in office ever again.

As always, Safi, the presenter of the segment presents the story perfectly, presenting logical arguments under the guise of sarcasm and comedy. Even if you don’t agree, you still have to laugh.

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