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Media: The Speech

Personally, I find it hard to take somebody seriously when by channel surfing you can see the same person arguing political issues with President Obama and romancing Fran Drescher on “The Nanny.” Then when he gets self-righteous about what he’s saying, saying it like it’s the most profound thing said on the Washington Mall since MLK stood on Lincoln Memorial, I have a problem. As mostly true as Stewart’s observations were, I just have a hard time taking it seriously. The man’s a comedian, trying to “change” the future of America by delivering a serious speech to a bunch of 18-49 year olds with sarcastic, ironic and silly signs. It just doesn’t fit.

Sure, laud the man all you want by using the position he’s built for himself by taking over a struggling small-time comedy news program hosted by Craig Kilborn, even though Stewart himself was a failed actor, and using it to try and bring political change, but the cynical side in me just falls back in a combo of indifference and laughter.

Judge for yourself, here’s the main speech by Stewart in question:

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