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Planning Republican Parenthood: Get Obamacare

Did you know the government cut of funding of Planned Parenthood? Well, neither did I, that is until I saw this piece on Infomania that funny lady Erin Gibson did on the subject. Being a dude, I had very little knowledge about what Planned Parenthood actually did, outside of my knowledge from my Fox News fandom days, and as you can see from the below clip, Fox News isn’t exactly a fan of Planned Parenthood.

Now granted, I know very little about this topic, but if what Gibson is saying is true, then the decision for Congress to cut the funding seems pretty ass-backwards. Low-income people are now being forced to have health insurance to get the coverage they need? You mean we’re actually wanting people to get Obamacare? Also, if Planned Parenthood isn’t allowed to use the government’s money for abortions, then is this nation really so disgusted by the other stuff that they do that it needs to be put an end to immediately?

Again, I’m a dude, I don’t know much about the topic, I just saw this video and thought you should know about it and the issues it’s talking about. Any other decisions you can come to on your own.

Oh, there is one thing I know about from this video. The Government should totally cut the funding of military branches sponsoring NASCAR. It’s not getting much return on it, and it tends to sponsor crappy drivers, AKA any driver not named Jimmie Johnson.

Also note, Erin Gibson and her segment “Modern Lady” are part of Current TV’s “Infomania.” She’s very funny and informative on it, finally coming into her own in replacing their previous great lady comedian, Sarah Haskins.


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